Monday, May 14, 2018

Titans Together! Doom Patrol - uh, well... Go...?!

DC Entertainment has been crafting some shows for the debut of network of their own, which we now know as DC Universe. One of those shows the network is going to premiere is Titans, which, as you all know has some pretty tight ties to the Doom Patrol.

A couple weeks back Geoff Johns shared this:

And then we got some casting announcements, including

Bruno Bichir as Niles Caulder aka The Chief

April Bowlby as Elasti-Girl (presumably also Rita Farr)

Jake Michaels as Robotman

Dwain Murphy as Negative Man
. . .and to make matters even more cool, they've announced some more shows on the DC Universe service. 

Those shows include: Season 3 of Young Justice (and presumably Seasons 1 & 2), Swamp Thing, and Harley Quinn. I'm not sure what else will be available, except, oh yeah - 


They're using a very John Byrne-esque logo, but there's been no mention of Nudge or Grunt (or Grudge or Nunt), so hope springs eternal. . .

I've long said Doom Patrol is tailor-made for other media than comics. Now it looks like DC Universe is going to prove me right.

I'm sure we'll get more casting news soon. 

UPDATE: As I was going to click "Publish," CBR broke word that Crazy Jane would be joining the team. I'm trying to track down the official press release to share. 

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