Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Episode 108: Not in Kansas Any More But We Still Have Dorothy…OR Are We There Yet?!

HUZZAH! Mike and Paul are back at it again, and for a few minutes  I AM CAUGHT UP!!! 

Here's the latest from the bean of Pod

We're back with more Doom Patrol goodness! Join Mike, Paul, Hotcakes and Fabineez for about 30 minutes of good audio, and another 30 minutes of an annoying clipping sound that unexpectedly appeared during editing. Not recording - because we would've stopped until it was resolved - but editing. CURSE YOU, TECH GODS. Anyway, thanks and apologies in advance for putting up with it. We loves you guys.
Down on Derington Way - 10:46
Doom Clock - 16:48
Doomsplaining - 21:56 - We return to volume 2 of the Doom Patrol, covering issues 80 and 81 from rachel Pollack, The Pander Brothers, Ted McKeever, Stuart Chaffetz, and John E Workman Jr!
Mailbag O Doom - 45:57 - We read your responses to the question, "Who is your favourite fictional hero of colour?"
In addition to a fine salute, the fellas talked about stuff that looks like this: 

Dorothy the Duck-Billed, Ape-Faced Girl

I wonder if they ever considered calling Dorothy "Mad Libby"?

And now for Doom Patrol (v2) #81: 


. . .and there you have it, my friends: More Pollack-y Doom Patrol. What are your thoughts on the series to date?  

Before I sign off, even though the guys have most likely recorded Waiting for Doom #109, here's the 

Question of the WeekSomething something blah blah blah Legion or Who is your favorite pre-comics era character?

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