Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Episode 81: What Now? Nao Yut. That’s What. OR What Do You Mean "Dead"?

Beginning Year Three of Waiting for Doom and on the precipice of Year Eight (for real) of this blog, let's get rolling on the coverage for Waiting for Doom Episode 81. 

From the January 12, 2017 Podbean post:
Given that the final episode of 2016 featured death so prominently (and let's face it, so did that year in general, I mean, really) it only seems natural to start off the new year in a similar morbid style! So sit back and enjoy this fun-filled adventure with a happy ending (WINK) as Mike and Paul launch YEAR THREE of WAITING FOR DOOOOOOOOOOM!Down on Derington Way - 9:41Doom Clock - 13:59Doomsplaining - 17:01 - Our first episode of 2017 takes us back to volume 3 of Doom Patrol, specifically issues 5 and 6, from John Arcudi and Tan Eng Huat!Mailbag O Doom - 53:10 - We read your responses to the question, "What was the best thing about 2016"

So let's get back to the Arcudi-Huat run, starting right here with the cover for Doom Patrol (v3) #5.

And now, some images from Issue #5.

Huat did not use traditional panel or page layout design. 

Gar still has it. 

More of the Doom Patrols in action. 

Shyleen's just waiting for her chance to headline Hot Hands: Rebirth

Ted being a jerk. Robotman being annoyed. Shyleen being nekkid. 

The first appearance of Brian.
The big call on a big phone. Except NOBODY is there. 

Ralph busting Ted's chops. 

A bone to pick with Nao Yut. 

Robotman adds a new power to his Who's Who listing. 

Issue #6

Brian's second appearance. 

Dysfunction, thy name is Doom Patrol. 

I mean they can't even hug each other without causing problems. 

Ted takes  it out on technology. 

The depths of darkness with Ava.
Ted started drinking with My Greatest Adventure #80. Cliff gets dinged up a LOT. 

Ted is so darn sensitive. 

Nobody has mentioned that other surviving member. . . 

And what would a Waiting for Doom-centric entry be without some Derington Way goodness? 

Well, OK, it's mostly Derington, but it is waaaaay good! 
Looks like Casey's ready to get back into action. 

Head and shoulders above the rest, that Derington fella. 

Looking kinda Atomic Knight-y to me. 

The First 2017 Waiting for Doom Question of the Week
What is the best cliffhanger ending to something?

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