Thursday, August 4, 2016

Waiting for Doom Episode 66: Kor Blimey, Check Out That Arsenal! or What Dinosaur?!

It's like a whole new week! Mike and Paul were at it again. That's right, Garve and Flanger gave us a brand new podcast! And I delayed posting about it because I was working. Then I left work and went to the other work. Then I left work to watch Suicide Squad (fans of the New 52 Suicide Squad will like it, fans of the older Ostrander Squad will like parts). And then I slept, because it was 2:30 AM.

But now this post is here, and so are you.  

So if you didn't find the podcast already, you can click this here link to get Episode 66 of Waiting for Doom. Here's the show notes:

High stakes wagers! Suburban castles! Mad scientist voyeurism! Punk-ass green kids with unfortunate hair! Bob Brown - not the Greens senator! Giant monitor…lizards?!? Snyder-esque destruction! Horrible accents! Embarrassing revelations! Holy crap this one has it all, so LET'S GET PATROLLING!! 

Down on Derrington Way - 6:46Doom Clock - 13:19Doomsplaining - 16:35 - this week we take a look at issues 113 and 114 from volume 1, by Arnold Drake and Bruno Premiani!
Mailbag O Doom - 54:45 - We read your responses to the question, "What's your favourite fictional family?"

Let's get to those images for #113

Which Arsenal?!?
Metal crotch to the head! "ARGH!"

Cliff Steele: Suburban castle remodeler

As Paul said, "The battle of the mind-controlling perverts has begun!"

As for issue #114

Rita gets kicked in the BAWHUMMP! Ow. 

Garve's favo(u)rite dinosaur ever and likely inspiration for Barney. 

Take. A. Drink. 

I will never be able to not see the Trump hair now. Thanks Teen Titans Wasteland and Paul! 

 So there you go, folks! Some images for Episode 66 of Waiting for Doom

The Question of the Week: 
What is the best accessory in comics? 

I'll be posting up at least one other post before next week's episode! Be good to one another! 


  1. Wow look at this!! Issue pics and everything. Thanks to Doug's involvement Waiting For Doom is almost like a proper podcast!! :P :P :P Just kidding.

    Another great ep guys. They keep getting better and better. Not sure if a robot's crotch is as bigger weak spot as they were hoping since Cliff is using his a weapon... And yep the Chief setting up that camera in Madame Rouge's bedroom is totally on the pervy old man side of things. Guess he should have known about the Chief from the very beginning.

    Keep up the great work guys!!

  2. The reappearance of Arsenal happened, but circumspectly.
    When New Teen Titans became a hit in 1980 they became frequent guest stars in other titles and were given a mini-series that took place between issues #20 and #21 of their regular title. It was called "Tales of the New Teen Titans", ran four issues, and the framing story was that the group went on a camping trip as a team-building exercise (and overdue vacation). Each issue mostly consisted of one of the newly created characters (Cyborg, Raven and Starfire) and the then-obscure character (Beast Boy) to tell their origin in flashback. Gar gives a condensed version of his origin in DP#100 and the back-up stories from DP#'s 112-115. The rest of his flashback explains what happened to him between the breakup of Teen Titans West (c.1978) and the formation of NTT. That's when Galtry returned with the Arsenal armor. That portion of the flashback was newly written and drawn by Wolfman and Pérez but took place four years (our time) earlier.

    I wrote about the different versions of Gar's origin in an old blog post here:


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