Wednesday, August 19, 2015

JLU - for YOU!

While we've all been waiting for the Doom Patrol to get their own series back, DC has been letting us wait. Thankfully, Jeff Parker has other ideas in mind. The DP have made a number (that number, so far, being 2) of appearances in Parker's Justice League United, with the promise for Robotman to show up as part of the squad.

CBR has a nice little interview with Parker, which you can check out right here. Said interview is where I borrowed this lovely image - a glorious Tony Harris cover for Justice League United #14 featuring our guy, Cliff!

Added bonus? Creature Commandos. Looks like it might be the New 52(ish) version of the Commandos, which I am completely OK with, but man. Harris covers. Gotta love 'em!


  1. Ok that is better that nothing.They should at least give a 3 issue intro like they did Challengers of Unknown. Wait and see I guess.

  2. Exactly. Hopefully DC panicking and having to go back to the "Meat and "Potatoes" approach they're desparately now seeking yet blatantly ignored for years, happens and they return to the fun, experimental phases its gone through during the late 80's and late 90's, and give dp another try. give it back ot Giffen, or hell, let Parker have it. He's the only one I'd trust these days at DC to treat them with respect.

  3. Wait and see indeed. Unfortunately, JLU didn't catch and it looks like the DP are back in limbo following the current storyline. Oh well, live for the now, I suppose. Maybe something will come out of NYCC.


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