Friday, August 23, 2013

DP on DC Nation - FINALLY!!! or Gal Friday 3

Boy, oh boy, was I thrilled to see the link on CBR declaring that the Doom Patrol clip and stills were available.

I'm not sure what the actual air date is, but it seems like it might be tied to Teen Titans Go! Admittedly, I found the one and only episode of TTG! that I've viewed to be a little too pointless for me. That said, I do supposed this is why Niles Caulder invented DVRs, right? 

Thanks to my favorite freelance employer, Comic Book Resources, here is the clip in all of its forty-seven second wonderfulness. 

Thanks CBR!

Personally, I love it! 

I love the way Rita and Cliff work together, the way Larry's body falls limp, the crotchety old man voice they gave Immortus - I love EVERY BIT of it and cannot wait to see more!! 

Sure, this is a bit of a stretch for a Gal Friday feature, but I'm making and breaking my own rules here. 

Let me know what you think of the video, friends. When did you see it? How did it rate compared to the show it was paired with and who would you like to see more of?

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  1. I think that simply excerpting a scene from an actual comic (as they did here from the first DP story) is something that would vastly improve television. Animation on TV had a kind of new golden age from the very late 80's until about maybe five years ago. I haven't looked forward to anything since Brave And The Bold was cancelled. Most of the stuff during that period were new takes on existing characters plus some original characters and new plots. At the time, it worked better than slavishly transferring the same script from one medium to another. The best examples taken from comics would be the the first two Batman series from Warner Brothers, Justice League Unlimited and the short-lived MTV Spider-man series that bridged the first two theatrical films. Knowing what is possible with that approach might make a producer understandably skittish about straight adaptations-- it feels like backsliding. However, that well appears to have gone dry. Maybe not; maybe good original ideas are being shot down because they don't dovetail with the current video games. I don't know. But updating scripts from old DP comics (or Metamorpho) should be a breeze. They rarely interacted with contemporary characters, the stories were self contained and if they stick to the sixties there isn't a jungle of complicated back story to explain to an all-ages audience. Can you imagine the Adult Swim audience that's been marinating in Sealab 2020 and Harvey Birdman and Space Ghost and Venture Brothers for years finding a DP cartoon produced to look like the old 1960's Hanna-Barbera Fantastic Four cartoon? They'd bust a nut. They'd be watching it ironically while a generation of kids watched it earnestly.


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