Thursday, March 10, 2011

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Hi all!
The final countdown is on, but the book is still chugging along. Giffen opens the floodgates on this issue and the end result is a fun, entertaining read. Here's a link to my review over on CBR, where I say:
Giffen jams a lot into this book, from an appearance by the long-forgotten Arnold Drake and Bob Oksner creation, Super-Hip, to a return of one of the Doom Patrol’s oldest foes. At the same time, M.S.E. lurks in the background, seizing the opportunity to claim Oolong as their own and using that as a launchpad to further denigrate the Doom Patrol’s image.
I gave it four out of five, as it suffers from severe art multiple personality disorder. Matthew Clark's stuff is good, but few and far between, and when juxtaposed with Randall's work, the book just seems off. It works best in the spots where the artist changes are isolated, for example, Scott Clark's two pages hold their own and seem really strong partially because there's no direct conflict in style. Ron Randall's art is the most prominent in this issue, but this volume of DP will always be Matthew Clark's in my mind.

Our friend in Doom Patrollery, Petar, has a review of his own over at Doompedia, so make with the clicking and check it out. 

So, my friends and followers, what did YOU think of this third-to-last issue of the Giffen-Clark era DP? 

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  1. I liked it, even if I didn't care for everyone punking out on the Doom Patrol. I put up a review here!


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