Saturday, October 9, 2010

We Are All the Doom Patrol

My kids and I have been devoted fans of Batman: The Brave and the Bold, so we tuned in last night to watch the episode.
Here's a snip:

My kids and my wife know I love the DP, but they haven't ever really bothered themselves with the full story of the DP. When the episode ended, my youngest was a little misty-eyed while my oldest proclaimed that the Brave and the Bold series has been a series of downers of late. Without spoiling the details of this episode, let's just say the episode was true to the DP's story.

Beyond that, however, there were a TON of nods, winks and nudges to Patrol fans, from the signs at the carnival to the clips used for the DP retrospective.

This was a great, great episode and further illustrates just how greatly this team translates to other venues. Now if they'd just work up a Doom Patrol video game.


  1. That looks mega! The last series only just finished on CN here so will be waiting a few months probably before this hits our shores! See that makes me misty eyed already :D

  2. Wow, looks amazing! It keeps switching times here in Canada and I keep missing it!

  3. I LOVED this episode - except the ending (similar to the ending of the B'Wana Beast/Starro ep.) but with the similar fates of DP and B'Wana, I can't help but think they are building up to another 'something' ala the Starro themes that built up to that final battle.


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