Monday, May 24, 2010

Negative Monday #33: The Brave and the Bold #34!!

Hey kids!
Just a little public service reminder that a new issue of the wonderfully enjoyable Brave and the Bold is set to hit the stands this week (at least here in the States).

Here's the solicit text:  
Written by J. MICHAEL STRACZYNSKI • Art and cover by JESUS SAIZ

Don't miss this first chapter of a most unexpected two-parter! This wouldn't be the first instance where the Legion of Super-Heroes have gone back in time looking to add to their ranks. But the sheer craziness the Doom Patrol will bring into their lives just might make that it the last time... and the Legion's mission will lead to some rather unexpected consequences next issue!
  • DC Universe
  • 32pg.
  • Color
  • $2.99 US 
and here's the cover (or a spiffy approximation thereof.

Really looking forward to seeing Saiz's DP in action. He has a mastery of comic book figures that seems stripped from the very pages of the Silver Age, but gussied up in modern technique.

What say the rest of you?


  1. What I say, and I guess it will offend Matt Clark, is why isn't Saiz on the DP comic itself? Also, frankly, Giffen's DP take is too slaveringly Morrison-ized. There's something to be said for the contrast between the DP's outre position and the bland normal average Earth around them. Just like the most interesting Tarzan stories take place in other worlds besides the jungle, like New York or Opar, the DP shouldn't be alienated by their weirdness. The writer/artists should revel in the contrast. There's a scene in MONSTERS VS ALIENS where the gigantic Rita Farr chick sits tiredly on the top of a country gas station overhang, like it's a stool. When I saw this I realized how awesome a giant woman could be, and how a DP movie/comic book should be done.

    Just two cents. The DP, Cliffe Steele in particular, are characters I have a blinding affinity for. I've ranted on my blog about them, and how they should be handled. Save the DP, dump Keith Giffen and to some degree Clark. And dump the idea of Rocky Davis as a reverend along with Giffen. That is simply Bad Idea jeans.

  2. Monsters Vs. Aliens is a great analog for the DP. Seems to me the DP would also translate magnifcently to video games as well.


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