Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Not Doom Patrol Again!!

Hey all!
Sorry for the long break. Busy-ness leading up to a wonderful family vacation, but now I'm back!

I'll be adding some more of my standard Doom Patrol fare in the next couple days, but first I wanted to direct your attention to Brightest Day #0 hitting the racks on Wednesday, April 14, 2010. It doesn't feature the Doom Patrol, but it does feature another creation of Arnold Drake's: Deadman.

There's Blackest Night related spoilers after the break

DC has a nice preview on their Source blog, but here's a very Deadman-centric cover.

Ivan Reis' variant cover for Brightest Day #0

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  1. Welcome back. I had flipped through the last few issues of Blackest Night looking for some follow-up to Doom Patrol #5 and all I found was a single panel with Robotman in BN #8. Coincidently it was just before the Deadman revelation. It also had the triangular chest lens, which he only seems to use in crossover cameos these days. Oh, if anybody is heading to their local store today for Brightest Day #0, they should see if the Phantom Stranger BN issue is still on the racks; Deadman has a huge role in that, too.


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