Thursday, November 3, 2016

Too Good to Not Share

Hey all!

Inktober is a thing artist Jake Parker started where he encourages other artists (and aspiring sorts) to challenge themselves to do one drawing (or more) a day throughout the month of October. This year I participated and learned a lot about myself, my style, and some new tools. I also learned just how crazy-talented some of my friends are. For instance, my pal Jason drew up this beauty as his Inktober finale.
Doom Patrol vs. Agents of Atlas. Are you freakin' kidding me!? This is, hands down, the winner of Inktober in my opinion.

Naturally, I included Robotman in my set. Brush markers on tan paper. I quite like it, but Jason really killed Inktober all over the place.

I just saw Mike and Paul have Episode 76 up. Guess it's time for a listen. The post won't materialize here until late 11/4/16, as I've got a very STRANGE DOCTOR's appointment between now and then. 

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