Monday, November 7, 2016

Episode 76: Birth on the Moon, Death in a Cathedral OR It's Getting Strange. No. Not Doctor Strange.

Here's the Podbean link for you to click and jam in your earholes. As for the episode itself, here's what Flanger and Garve have to say:
Episode 76: Birth on the Moon, Death in a CathedralNovember 3, 2016
The weirdness is ramped up, and things take a turn towards the dark as things begin to fall apart (yes, yet again) for our favourite team, the DOOM PATROL. When things get dim and chaotic, some people reach for the light, emanating from something like, say, a candle…but WilFreD warns you humans that candles are something best avoided in this book. No. No. No. No. No. (Creepy Voice) *yesssss*….. Let's. Get. Patrolling.
Down on Derington Way - 12:28Doom Clock - 17:31Doomsplaining - 20:10 - This week we reach a dramatic turning point in volume 2 of dP history, as we take a look at issues 54 and 55 from Grant Morrison and Richard Case.Mailbag O Doom - 47:20 - We read your responses to the question, "Who is your favourite character who hides their face?"
Before rolling onto the issue at hand, I thought it might be nice to share a bit from Derington Way with y'all. The guys mention Fugg, who we meet in just a couple of days. Or sooner, if, well, y'know: time travel. 
If Doom Patrollers don't get a plush Fugg in the next twelve months, then we'll know Trump really won. And we all lost.  

What the lads didn't mention (but WilFreD retweeted) was this other sketch that Nick Derington popped up on his Twitter. 
Man. The more I see from Derington, the more I want to see him draw. As in EVERYTHING. I want Nick Derington to draw everything. Or at least all the art for a set of trading cards. Or a bunch of sets of trading cards. His style is so clean, but so energetic. The characters all seem alive, ready to push off from the paper and have a sit. 

At least I think so. 

But we'll talk more Derington later in the week. Let's focus on the G-Mo (nice abbreviation Paul and Mike!) issues at hand: Doom Patrol Volume 2 #54 and #55. 

Here's some bits and pieces from #54. 

Doom Patrol v2 #54 cover. 

To make a Rebis, you have to break a few eggs. 

Doug's Dig. Not only is this landing confirmation, Rebis is indifferent to it all. 

And some from #55. 

Bisley's cover for #55. 
WilFreD hinted some fans were turned on. Cliff sees what's hitting 'em. 

At least it wasn't Candlejack. Amiright? 

Dorothy is not having a good day. Not by any means, and certainly not by Doom Patrol standards. 

Putting the "Crazy" in Crazy Jane. 

Larry (not Larry) needs some alone time. 

Finally, before I let y'all get to the Question of the Week, I wanted to make good on my promises. You can find my review of Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye #1 right here. I'll post Shade the Changing Girl #2 right on this very blog, most likely alongside (or underneath or above) Mother Panic #1.

So, let;s do it, my friends, before Mike and Paul can backlog me with episodes. Here's your Question of the Week:
What is the most fascinating fictional virus or ailment?

With that, my friends, I call this a wrap. I'm off to sleep. More DP Goodness REAL soon! 


  1. Hang on, is 54 the issue where Rebis goes to the moon and lays an egg?

    1. Probably the best summary of that issue. These two were a bit off the beaten path. I think I may have checked out a bit around here back in the day.

  2. As for the most fascinating fictional virus, how about that Y2K bug? Remember when we were all gonna die, so we HAD to party like it was 1999?

    Yeah. That's the winner for me. Especially since today (as I type this) is the last pre-Y2K baby U.S. Presidential election.

  3. . . .there go our chances of a Fugg plush.


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