Friday, February 26, 2010

Elasti-Girl Friday 19

Some of you may or may not know, but Cliff Chiang drew the cover for my Hawkman Companion published by TwoMorrows. Long before I asked him to do it, I admired Cliff's uncommon art style. When I initially talked to Cliff about MY ideas for the cover, he politely told me that he had different ideas. He didn't say mine was stupid or bad, he just said he had something different in mind.

I'm glad he did.

Cliff admitted to me that he hadn't drawn Hawkman before the cover, but honestly, you'd never know by looking at this.

Since then, I've followed Cliff's work - Spectre, Green Arrow/Black Canary, and his recent Supergirl story in Supergirl #50. He's got some stuff coming up, such as an original Vertigo graphic novel centered around Neil Young's Greendale album, written by Joshua Dysart and an issue of The Brave and the Bold coming out in April.

As for what Cliff Chiang has to do with Elasti-Girl Friday, well, there's this:

A commission for some lucky fan who attended Baltimore Comic Con last year. Of course, this was the first year I haven't attended Baltimore, so I didn't see this live. For those of you burned out on the "mega" cons, Baltimore is a nice, relaxing con that draws an incredible amount of great creators (like Cliff!) each and every year.
I asked Cliff's permission to post this image, and he graciously (which is how Cliff does everything) agreed, saying, "Sure, feel free to post the Elasti-Girl sketch. I love Bruno Premiani and think he doesn’t get enough recognition."
So there you have it, Cliff Chiang and Elasti-Girl Fridays! You can check out more of Cliff's work over at
Quick update:
Cliff along with the Doom Patrol's very own Matthew Clark, among others will be at the New York Comic Book Marketplace this weekend. Looks like it's a Saturday only event. I've never been (not even sure if it's an annual deal) but it sure looks like a great assemblage of talent! If you go, please let us all know how it was.

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