Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Doom Patrol #7 out today

Over at the Source, DC has dropped a preview of today's issue of Doom Patrol. This makes for a nice appetizer to the full issue if, like me, you're trapped at work without your new books for a little while longer yet today.

They've also changed the cover up a bit, using an image that Matthew Clark had previously shared with me (and countless others through his MySpace page).

Here's the new image.

And the solicited one.

Not sure why DC decided to go with this other cover as opposed to the Crazy Jane one, but I'd be willing to guess it was deemed to be "more iconic" or some such.


  1. I'm not absolutely certain this is the reason, but have you tried using Google today (Feb. 3rd)? It looks as though it's Norman Rockwell's birthday (hence the Saturday Evening Post-type background with the circle and two parallel lines). I'm guessing that several months ago he was checking the scheduled release date on a calendar and noticed the coincidence. Trying to get away with the gag on the actual cover would be trickier since you can't really be sure that a book will ship on time after you hand over the art. You ought to be, but there are other variables. Online, however, he could circulate it with a greater degree of control and in fact got it out well in advance. Anyway, that's just my own wildly irresponsible speculation.

  2. I swear I'm a nice guy (LOL!) but I just gotta say this issue had some really not nice artwork in it! It looks like Matthew wasn't able to do the entire issue so he brought in an assistant or something? Either way, honestly, I wish the guy NO harm (I'm sure he's a great guy) but I really wish DC would bring on an entire new artist creative team to this book. It's just not holding up well at all. And I for one think the inker is a big part of the problem (and has been from the start.) But this issue just really hit subpar for me.

    Sorry for the art rant. :)

  3. About the solicited image? This still doesn't conclusively explain the switch, but I found that clicking on the image above doesn't get a response, yet clicking on the identical image in the Feb. 2nd posting yields a j-peg that expands enough to make the note at her heel legible. It says, "After Norman". That confirms (to me at least) that it was meant to coincide with Rockwell's birthday.

  4. Interesting about the Norman Rockwell connection. I'm a Rockwell lover and totally didn't pick up on that.

    I gotta believe that DC changed covers because they didn't expect Crazy Jane to attract new readers. I can't imagine there are many Grant Morrison DP readers (who are not reading the new DP already) that would buy this issue just cause Crazy Jane was on the cover.

    I haven't read it yet, but I'm looking forward to it!

    The Irredeemable Shag


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