Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Exclusive Interview with Matthew Clark!

That's right peoples! Matthew Clark has been even more generous with his time than ever before! A while back, I sent Matthew a set of questions and he's been kind enough to send me some answers. There is more where this came from, but for now, read on and enjoy!

My Greatest Adventure: First of all, how is your health nowadays [for those of you not in the know, Matthew suffered a heart attack over three years ago]? Have you had any setbacks from your heart attack?

Matthew Clark:
I have good days and bad day, more good ones for stretches. No major setbacks [but] I had a bad reaction to some new medications that messed me up several months back. Something that happens from time to time, which is not fun but it's what happens when you add new medications into the system, sometimes they don't work well together.

MGA: When and how did you find out you would be working on the Doom Patrol?

MC: I actively sought out the project years ago I asked to draw the book when I was working on Teen Titans for a few issues. At that time there was the John Byrne version of the book starting up, after it was cancelled I asked again if it should ever start up again I'd like it. I was working on Reign in Hell ( but had to bow out due to aforementioned health problems) and they let me know that after my work on RIH I would be doing Doom Patrol.

MGA: You've made no secret of the fact that you are a big Doom Patrol fan. What iteration brought you in - the original? Morrison? Arcudi? Which is your favorite?

MC: I discovered the Doom Patrol after reading Teen Titans where Wolfman and Perez brought in Robotman. After that issue I hunted down the Showcase issues with the new team. A year later I was at a local show in Eugene [Oregon] and one of the dealers had MGA #80 for 20 bucks (this was in the Mid to late 80s). I have since bought all the original run and for the most part and most, if not all, of their appearances. I also enjoyed Steve Lightle's brief run on the book, Those few issues made me want to really draw the book. Then several years later I got to hold a original Bruno page. I like quirky characters.

MGA: They weren't clear [to me - not a gamer] in the issue [being issue #1 of the current series], but it appears as though Larry has some "tattoos" on his wrappings. Anything in particular?

MC: Larry doesn't have "post-it notes" so he draws on himself and leaves notes such as gaming codes or just doodles. Each character will have little touches that if you look closely at the pages you'll find Easter eggs. Larry with the scribbles, Rita with movie posters, Cliff's t-shirts, I'm trying to give them more story. Plus it's fun to drop things in there and have people wonder. Most has a specific purpose, some is just a neat little tip of the hat.

MGA: Solicits just recently popped up for issue #4, and you're not there. Will you be returning for #5? Will this be a regular rotation?

MC: No I'm taking the Blackest Night issues off, the original plan was 4 [issues] on 1 off, but with Blackest Night, and the fact I wanted to draw issues #6 and #7 I opted to pass on BN. Plus, I dipped my beak in Final Crisis and that was enough for me. Crossover books like that are difficult and my hat goes off to those that do it. It's difficult and sometimes punishing to coordinate. Plus I want to concentrate on the main core group and the return of a few favorites (Keith has given hints on other board about this).

That's the start of Matthew's exclusive interview with My Greatest Adventure 80. There's more to come soon.


  1. Great interview so far! I loved reading about the little touches on Larry's bandages. what a cool idea! I had noticed Rita's movie posters, and Cliff's shirts, but had forgotten about the markings on Larry's bandages.
    Looking forward to reading more when you post it.


  2. I'm going to have to go back and check out Larry's wraps, because while I noticed they were "dirty looking" I never grasped that he had notes on them. Rita's posters I thought were amusing.

    I dig MC's art on the Doom Patrol because his style really seems to suit them. It's a gritty, unglamorous style for a gritty, unglamorous team. Looking forward to more.

  3. Great start to the interview, Doug! It's neat hearing all the inside details from such a talented artist!

    The Irredeemable Shag


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