Monday, August 7, 2017

EPISODE 100!!!! Keeping The Love Alive With Richard Case


Another episode! Another post! Not just any episode, mind you! In this very special 100th episode, Mike and Paul chat with Doom Patrol artist extraordinaire, Richard Case! WOOOOHOOO!

Here's the skinny 
Two Words: EPISODE 100!

LET’S GET PATROLLING! Wait, that’s five words…
Down on Derington Way – 5:49
Doom Clock – 9:10
Doomsplaining – 12:18 – We celebrate our love for the Doom Patrol, and our 100th episode, with the man, the legend, who drew the majority of Doom Patrol volume 2, RICHARD CASE!!
Mailbag O Doom – 1:00:22 – We celebrate with messages from friends and fans!
Thanks for joining us for all 100 eps so far – here’s to many more!

Here's the link via Comicosity

. . .and, because it's just not nice to have a post with no images, here's a few I found from the Interwebnets AND a couple very special bonus images with some super-great Richard Case art! 
(Also, Mr. Case sells prints at his con appearances. I'll post up a sliver of the one Darrin and Ruth Sutherland were so kind to procure for me. 

Looseleaf Who's Who for the WHOLE PATROL!  

Internet find #1

Internet find #2

Internet find #3

Shameless endorsement:
Nick Derington is doing the covers for Mister Miracle, a twelve-issue maxiseries from DC written by Tom King with art from Mitch Gerads. Buy it. It's good. Mister Miracle #1 hits Wednesday, 9 August 2017. Until you get it, here's the cover from #4, courtesy of Derington's Twitter feed. 

And, finally: Question of the Week:
Who is your favorite Doom Patroller from the current Way-Derington Young Animal volume? 

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