Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Episode 85: Things Are Worse TAADAAAA! or Positive But A Little Bummed

The guys are on a roll! New week, new Waiting for Doom! 
(And, yes, we are still waiting on the next issue of Doom Patrol volume 6)

Here's the show notes from over on the Podbean
Come on in, the apocalypse is fine! Heroes are reunited (or rebooted), some are lost, but all are changed as the battle for the soul of New York City heats up! LET'S GET PATROLLING!
Down on Derington Way - 7:53
Doom Clock - 11:44
Doomsplaining - 16:11 - This week we look at issues 58 and 59 of Doom Patrol volume 2, by Grant Morrison, Sean Phillips and Richard Case!
Mailbag O Doom - 39:59 - We read your responses to the question, "Where would you like to be locked up overnight?"

So here's the images you really want to see, right?

Let's start with the Bisley cover for Doom Patrol (v2) #58.

That's a green, green background. Bisley's Robotman borders on iconic. 
Fun fact about this episode. The release dates, 7 July 1992 for issue #58 and 4 August 1992 fell on my birthday and my mother's respectively. Mark your calendars, friends. We expect all the DP gifts. 

Now let's get to the interiors…
A quiet day with Cliff and Kay. 

Sean Phillips doing some Ramona Fradon/Richard Case/Sean Phillips mashup. 

A beautifully art page. 

Cliff catching some static.
Do you kids nowadays even know what static is? 

I'm with Hix on this one: we don't need directions, but there is no denying Sean Phillips' artwork. 

Do not reposition your device. This page was printed this way. As the static cries for help. 

Phillips really could come back for more DP any time. 

Cliff sharing his discovery about the Chief. 

Willoughby Kipling saving the day and backing up the Steele. 

Today was not a good day for Cliff. 

The cover for #59, complete with Batman watch, courtesy of Tom Taggart.
Tom Taggart's covers are so wacky. I'd love to see one in real life. 

One of the ill-fated vignettes that open this issue. 

Morrison via Kipling being cool before cool was mundane. 

Hi Jane. Welcome back. 

Yup. Jane's back, but integrated. 

That Willoughby Kipling. So helpful. 

Cliff just doesn't want to lose anyone else. 
Cliff v. Candlemaker. Give it up for Mike Garvey provided excellent audio effects for the Candlemaker. 

The return of Rebis. 
More than any other issue in this portion of the run, Doom Patrol #59 felt like the Doom Patrol. Even moreso for Mike's awesome effect work on the Candlemaker's voice. I'd love to hear an entire episode read in radio drama format. And dibs on being Larry Trainor if he's in the episode. Or Cliff. I really think I'm more Trainor-voiced than Steele-voiced tho. 

Derington Way
Yes, I do still owe y'all the inaugural (anyone else find that word disappointing nowadays?) installment of Derington by Way of Bonvillian, but, well, I have no excuse. Regardless, here is the Spider-Man the guys mentioned during the podcast. 

Spider-Man from Nick Derington. 

Robotman fighting the awesome fight. 

Extra-special MGA80 (and Derington Twitter) bonus: Iron Man from the Dallas Comic Con. 
And, of course, Question of the Week
What's the most unusual thing on your bucket list?

That's easy. I want to throw a boomerang. Paul, Mike, help a Doom Bro out? Runner-up for me is passing calculus. An inept instructor and even more inept advisor led me to change majors in college, to graphic design and far, far away from all things math-y.   

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