Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Waiting for Doom Episode 65: Like Getting Hit with Psychoactive Discharge or Trippy Dippy, Who's Your Hippy?

Ah, vacations. They're so gosh-darned wonderful. Except for the rushing to get all the stuff done before and the digging out from under accumulation after. Which is exactly the reason I tack a day on after. So I can post things like this.
The fellas (and sentient showbot) cranked out another episode in my away time. This one takes a look at Doom Patrol (v2) #49 & 50.

Click the link here to make with the listening, which is described as:

The theme for this episode appears to be: So this weird thing happens. Right. Then another weird thing happens. Riiiiight. And then ANOTHER weird thing happens….RIIIIIGHT. In any case: LET'S GET PATROLLING!
Here's a set of images (and cover) from #49. 
The Cover
The Love Glove. Studded for pleasure.

As well as from #50.

The cover for #50. Can we all pretend this and #49 got transposed somehow?

Some nice work from Richard Case.
Yahoo! indeed.

Rita by Brian Bolland

Merch we all wish existed.
Also, be sure to sling an answer for your favo(u)rite fictional family either here, on the show's Facebook page or over on Twitter.

I was all set to blurt out the Parrs from The Incredibles, but I think the Robinsons in the criminally underrated Meet the Robinsons takes the hypothetical cake from me for this one. 

Bake them cookies Lucille!


  1. Excellent visual selections Doug. As ever you ARE the walrus.


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