Monday, July 28, 2014


So Justice League #32 puts more than a little effort into giving us a story of the New 52 Doom Patrol. The preview offers hope or frustration. It's up to you to decide which applies to you.

Ugh. Change for change sake. I'll post some thoughts on the issue this Friday, for now, enjoy this page. Words by Geoff Johns, pencils from Doug Mahnke, inks from Keith Champagne, colors from Andrew Dalhouse with Nick J. Napolitano on letters.

You can catch more of the preview over at my other internets home on CBR.


  1. Hello, first time commenting here. I have been a big fan of the Doom Patrol ever since I read Grant Morrison and Rachel Pollack’s wonderful runs on the Vertigo title. In my opinion, most of the DP’s appearances after John Arcudi’s run were just mediocre. Concerning Geoff Johns’ New 52 take on the team I’m a little worried. I feel like Johns will make them into more of a generic super-hero team without the bizarreness which made Arnold Drake’s, Morrison’s and Pollack’s respective runs so great. Guess I’ll have to find out on Wednesday.

  2. Exactly. Only a twisted genius like Morrison appreciated the weirdness that makes up the DP. I enjoyed Giffen's run as well, and this version......wait and see, but meh so far.

  3. Oh. Hooray. Psycho Calder. Just what we need. :P


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