Saturday, February 1, 2014

DC Nation Doom Patrol Chapter Six

So the hits just keep coming. This episode - Chapter Six - takes on Doom Patrol #86, the first issue with the DP brand flying on the cover. Naturally, this has been moderned up a bit, but it's enjoyable as all heck -- and less than two minutes long!
Check it out, Patrollers. 

How about that incredible intro? I could watch that ALL DAY. 

Here's my problem, my friends. I've seen the first episode and this one, but I cannot for the life of me enter the right alchemic mix of search terms in YouTube to uncover Chapters 2, 3, 4 or 5. For all I know there's a Chapter Seven and so on. I don't watch the current DC Nation, so I don't catch these "live," but I'm considering taking up some space on the ol' DVR. 

Meanwhile, sound off about this latest chapter. Personally, I'm digging the retro awesomeness of it all. 


  1. So far there has only been Chapter 1, 6, and 10. Yeah, I know, that makes no sense.

  2. Chapter 10? Hmmm. Thanks for the tip, Supreme! Also thanks for clearing my brain of having to figure out where the other parts are.


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