Sunday, April 22, 2012


As promised, here's a bigger, closer look at the Robotman sketch from Franco.

Click, observe, and be awed.


  1. Hey, Terrance, I didn't know Cliff Steele was Canadian!

  2. PB, you've lost me on the reference, sir.

  3. There is a running gag on "South Park" that the cartoon the boys love, featuring characters Terrance and Phillip, isn't really a cartoon. Whenever T&P or anyone on their show speak they aren't animated the way that the South Park characters are, with different shaped mouths being used to appear to open and close. Instead, T&P move the entire upper half of their heads up and down like dice in a Popamatic, completely disconnected from their lower jaws. When they first appeared it was assumed that the South Park kids were simply enjoying a poorly animated cartoon. When the regular cast finally met T&P face to face viewers learned that in the South Park world the popping heads are a prevalent characteristic of all Canadians.

    When I saw the Cliff above, with the massive, Bisleyish lower jaw but in a minimal cartoon caricature, the very first thing I thought of were South Park Canadians. And of course, T&P start every conversation between themselves with "Hey, Phillip..." or "Hey, Terrance..."

  4. Thank you for the explanation, PB!

    I'm sorry to say I've never watched a South Park, so the reference was completely lost on me.

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