Monday, October 4, 2010

Negative Monday 35

Aw yeah, Doom Patrol!

Newsarama has a five-page preview of the latest issue of Doom Patrol set to hit the rack this Wednesday.

Courtesy of Newsarama, here's the colored version of yesterday's image.

And look! There's Larry! Matthew Clark's art is sooooooooooooo right for this crew.

Happy Negative Monday my friends.


  1. After looking at Teen Titans 87, DC was rapidly sliding into the abyss, but then they come out with a DP preview and save the day! This looks incredibly cool.

  2. I won't get my reserve copy until Friday; does anyone know if there's any significance to the Justice League Antarctica sign that appeared in the raw pencil version being covered in the final inked-and-colored version? I can guess at two possible reasons to cover it. (A) It gave away too much too soon in the story. (B) It was only meant as a throw away joke and, on reflection, was dropped rather than let it be interpreted as a misleading red herring or unresolved thread when nothing happens with it later.
    Of course, now I have to find out where I put that old annual or quarterly and reread it.


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