Friday, March 12, 2010

Doom Patrol reviewed

Happy Friday fellow Patrollers!

I reviewed DP #8 and it's now up over at Comic Book Resources.

Giffen promised to introduce a new character or concept per issue throughout the
first year (at least) on "Doom Patrol," and so far, he's a man of his word. This
issue gives us a closer look at Jane (formerly and still Crazy after all these
years) and her favorite brick. The brick, naturally, happens to be sought after
by an invading force. That invading force brings in a sniffer, which gives the
DP a rather difficult time.

Feel free to check out the review (among many, many others) over at CBR.

Overall, for the first issue without a "second feature," I thought this issue did a good job of plowing into action. Negative Man is in top form and the rest of the crew isn't so bad either.

Check back later today for the regularly scheduled Elasti-Woman Friday.


  1. Do you think that Next Issue eyeball guest star was a joke, or is he serious?!

  2. I don't know.

    I'm dropping a line to Matthew to find out.

  3. I'm wondering about that, too. It kinda makes sense to see Ambush Bug show up... his first appearance was in a DC Comics Presents starring the new Doom Patrol...


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