Thursday, March 26, 2009

Elasti-Girl Friday 4

For this week's Elasti-Girl Friday, I decided to highlight part one of the the Doom Patrol's appearance in the phenomenal Mark Waid-written, Barry Kitson-drawn JLA: Year One series.

Rita appears on the cover, treating Black Canary like a Barbie doll. This issue is chockful of wonderful Silver Age goodness, as is the entire series. I urge you to track it down, either in floppies or TPB.

I love how Barry Kitson matched up Green Lantern and Negative Man in the first (and feel free to correct me if that's wrong) team-up between the JLA and the DP. Cliff taking on Martian Manhunter is inspired too.

I'm curious what happened to Aquaman in this struggle as he appears to be down for the count. Flash is also nowhere to be seen.

The story is a very Silver Age-ish affair. The Brotherhood of Evil is stealing parts from people and creating a Frankenstein's monster-like army. The Doom Patrol hits the scene first and are quickly upstaged by the League.

The exchange between the Flash and Aquaman as an expository tool to introduce JLA readers to the Doom Patrol is classic Mark Waid. Bravo!

I especially love how Flash's question just hangs out there for Aquaman (and the reader) to ponder, with Flash completely oblivious to the awkwardness of the moment. I'd love to see Aquaman and the DP team up a little more frequently, as Aquaman frequently seems more apt to be an outsider than a headliner.

The Other Elasti-Girl. . .

The other Elasti-Girl, now officially known as Mrs. Incredible - at least as far as comics go - found her way to the new comic book shelves this week under the pen of - surprise! - Mark Waid.

The four-issue series, written by Mark Waid and featuring art from was released from BOOM! Studios on Wednesday and will also be available on newstands everywhere.


. . . and one other thing. . .

Monsters Vs. Aliens opens to day with Reese Witherspoon providing the voice for Susan Murphy aka Ginormica.

Looks like a fun movie to me. The kids are dying to see it.

Let me know what you think about ANY of these topics.


  1. A)Is there any way you have a readable version of that JLA page?

    B)I love the name "Ginormica."

  2. fixed now!

    that's what I get for starting these things on a different computer than the one I finish them on


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